Youth Programs

We take an active role in working with youngsters that show an interest in outdoor activities. We use that initial interest as a gateway to teach the youngsters weapon safety, habitat conservation and restoration, respect for wildlife and a menu of other matters that will aid them with their outdoor experiences in Arizona. We recognize the fact that it will be today's youth that will become tomorrows leaders in wildlife an habitat conservation. To this end we have several Arizona youth programs each year.


Wapiti Weekend is probably the youth event we are most known for. This event is an annual event and parents almost fight to get their children into this event each year.


Wild in the City is our newest youth program. This program was launched in 2010 at the request of the Arizona Girls Scouts Council. This is for all youths 6-16, including scouts and troops to teach some of the outdoor skills and help them earn badges for things they might not have a chance to otherwise earn.